Better late than never... I finally decided to upload some photos and videos from last Sunday's meet in Cheddar Gorge. 

It was the usual early start to get to the gorge before the Sunday afternoon drivers. And as usual, the tonneau cover came out too. The trip up from the new #topalwaysdown secret lair was quicker, now only taking about half an hour. So I found my self in the gorge alone waiting for the others to arrive. First, Russ, in his RNBP facelift, shortly followed by the convoy of Royce in the MCB, Tom in the 'other blue' facelift and Gabor in the MX-5, along to get a taste of top down VTEC with a view to buying an S2000.

After a bit of a chat, we headed off for a drive, only for me to spend too long fussing with the camera and actually completely lose the convoy. See comedy video below...

I could still hear 36000rpm of VTEC echoing off the cliff faces but I could catch up with the group, so instead headed straight over to the viewpoint that we were driving to, to rejoin them. 

From here we headed back down the gorge, and this time I managed to stay with the convoy and get a bit of film. There's a bit of wind noise in this one, but once we get down into the gorge, you can at least clearly hear Tom's Buddy Club exhaust over everything else!

Russ left to 'pleasure his girlfriend' (his words) for the rest of the day, Gabor went off to get some air in his tyre while the rest of us now had a run over to Burrington Combe for a drink and a bite to eat, before heading back ourselves.

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