It's all been a bit quiet on the S2000 front with the need to get the 106 on the road and running and eventually sold. However, it's time for a long overdue update.

Since I bought the car it's always been in my mind some of the changes I wanted to make. One in particular was to sort out my front bumper. The faded pink paint was letting the rest of the car down and I was never a fan of the headlight washers, looking like warts on the car's face. The plan was always to get it smoothed off, removing the number plate plinth in the process, and repainted.

And then come December I found something I couldn't resist. A freshly painted JDM spec bumper, without the washer jets, with an easily removable square plinth. What's more, it was fairly local up in Bristol. Ideal! The downside? It had a big scuff at the bottom from scraping a speed bump. No problem, I thought... I have a splitter that will cover that up!

Having no chance of getting such an item in the S2000, it was a dark evening drive up in the X Trail to pick it up, along with a mint set of wheels (my third set, more on that later!) for a reasonable £350.

Naturally, these items sat in the newly cleared out garage for a few weeks, but over the Christmas break I braved the weather and set about taking the car apart, in the knowledge that I didn't need to use it for a few days at least. Once stuck in, and having been helped to remove two rounded off screws from the top edge of the bumper, it all came off fairly easily. Unfortunately, the splitter came off quite badly, and was left hanging precariously almost in two pieces. Superglue (and almost superglueing said splitter to the living room floor - oops!) came to the rescue. Finished off with some touch up paint over the crack it was much less noticeable.

Refitting the new bumper wasn't quite so straightforward, but with a bit of a wrestle and some help at the garage it was able to be fitted, tidying up the front end nicely. I decided not to refit the black grills, as much as I loved them on the old bumper, I didn't think they looked right on the JDM one. For now they are in my garage waiting for me to decide what to do with them. The only thing that was left was to give it it's first wash of the year, something which waited until just last week before I could take some nice photos for a blog post.

For now, the plate has taken residence in the windscreen, though I have plans for an offset vinyl plate below the passenger side headlight, as soon as I can remember to take some measurements...
Before: With UKDM plate plinth, washers and pink paint
So that's why it's called a splitter!
After: The clean lines of the front end compliment the S2000's shape
During: Bumper removed, the washer jets turned out to be a messy job
Old vs. New: A clear difference
20/5/2013 05:16:27 am

Color car fell good, although I advise you to put on some protection.


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