Since buying the S2000, one thing has always bugged me. While the bodywork is in great condition for it's age, the OEM wheels looked like they had been run with no tyres and then slid along the floor face down. The long term plan is still to get some Enkeis in the future, though these will be expensive and require a bit of work on the car to fit, so in the meantime I've settled for... some more OEM MY00 16"s. I'll admit, I disliked these before I bought the car, but the simple five spoke design has really grown on me and I've come to realise that it's the later, smaller looking, diamond cut 16"s that I dislike. Also, although I've not driven on any different sized wheels to compare, I like the way the car feels as Honda intended.

These new wheels are 99% mint, which is more than enough. I've now got no kerbing around the rim of any wheel and only a couple of light, unnoticeable marks on the faces. The previous owner had added some grey stickers down the length of each spoke, which although they were not too noticeable, they weren't really to my taste. Luckily these came off without too much persuasion. It seems they may have even protected the wheels from some small scrapes in the past too, which is a bonus. I also realised that under the 'S' sticker on the two included centre caps were the original Honda 'H' logo in perfect condition, so that's two spares of them that I now have!

I had my Bridgestone RE002s swapped over to the new wheels. They're quite soft and grippy, which is a good thing, but they're quite soft and wearing at fairly quite rate, which is not a good thing. The rears ought to last me for the next three months with my 170 miles per week plus a trip to Germany on top of that, then I think they'll need replacing.

But for now I'm left with a tidier looking car and with a trackday at Llandow coming up in two weeks time, some rough 16"s and a spare set of partly legal Bridgestones might come in handy...

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