Time for some awards. A photo / video post will be done tomorrow.

Most unreliable car

This award was won before we’d even left the country, two months before the trip. Woz was working on the car the day before we left. There was a running joke about a tow truck that almost came true. His headlights broke in Kent. He at least managed to get a lap out of it before shattering the clutch at 164mph.

Most reliable car

The two week old Clio, surely? Or the MR2 that Adam only uses as a weekend car and looks after fastidiously? No. The only car that survived the whole trip without a single issue was the ropey, slightly pink MX-5. Unless the bent sill is an issue...

Most expensive mistake

This award would have gone to Matt for making the dealer swap the standard seats for the Recaros and speccing the cup chassis. Until we saw bits of yellow Ferrari scattered around Kesselchen. Oops.

Most inappropriate car

The ridiculously tall Dutch S2000 owner wins this one. When most of your head is above the windscreen, you blatantly don’t fit the car
Best comedy moment

LOL. This word will forever give me memories of a red MX-5 performing a rather gracious pirouette around Brunnchen.

Scariest moment

It could have been the S2000 snapping twice within a minute. But no. The sight of light reflecting off the barriers at Adenauer Forst at near midnight will haunt me for some time.

Best food

There’s not even a shortlist for this. Pistenklause. Steak. Unbeatable.

Best petrol

With all the fuss over a Shell, it seems odd that this award goes to Aral at Breidscheid. The Carrefour was 98RON, the ED was 98RON, even the V Power was 98RON. The 102RON at the Aral not only came with an F1 style handle on the pump and DTM endorsement, the hourly fluctuating price made it a cheap option.

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