After waking up in Mulhouse and weighing up the options we decided to stick to our original plan and not to detour via the Porsche museum at Stuttgart. This meant that after a quick Lidl trip we made the short journey across the town to the French national motor museum, the Schlumpf collection. 

It certainly exceeded my expectations, the work of two obsessive brothers, the 400 cars in this old mill warehouse worth in excess of £100m with two of the original Type 41 Royales making up a large proportion of that. Jez even had a passenger ride in a 206 with Zoe at the wheel, she only managed to roll it twice ;-) Certainly worth a recommendation from me if you're anywhere nearby.

With that done by lunchtime we got on the motorway for a short stinit, given that Mannheim was only a couple of hours away. We tried to cut across to join up with our intended route, but given a closed motorway exit we ended up on the Black Forest high road somewhere near it's mid point where we found a sheltered spot to make sandwiches before we headed off to Baden Baden. It would be unfair to dismiss the road as a disappointment given that we only drove half of it in yet more cold drizzle, but even with the scenery overlooking the Vosges across the border Germany's 'ultimate biking road' seemed unremarkable.

Back on the Autobahn with some derestricted miles we made rapid progress towards our final stop of the day before the hotel. Hockenheim was yet again, wet. There were cars going around the circuit, so we tried our luck and were soon let into the paddock side. The track day was packing up but with some broken English from a marshall we understood that the police would soon turn up and let people go out behind them. Apparently.

We saw none of thee that and even after nearly an hour of waiting and only seeing some driver training cars out on the track we made tracks instead. After checking in, we went out to explore the centre of Mannheim, parking under a large water tower and finding most restaurants either full or expensive. We settled in the end on an Italian bar which turned out to be pretty good, and reasonably priced. 
One of six. Value, £10m plus.
Paddock side at Hockenheim
Classic GP cars at the Schlumpf collection
Jez found his room for the night!

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