Today was a rest day, a well deserved break after a long four days of driving. Our destination of Monaco was less than an hour away and there was no rush for the usual 9am start.

After the daily supermarket trip and a visit to the local car wash to get the cars looking more suitable for the principality we eventually got going. The traffic through Nice was a pig and it didn't take long for us to lose the Polo from the convoy, thought it was found a little later on and we reconvened somewhere just north of Casino Square before dropping down to St Devote for our first lap. 

This lap went slightly wrong as I managed to miss Casino Square altogether, though we went round for another in full at which point I decided to engage the VTEC up the hill and make an entire bus load of tourists turn and look. A guy in the tunnel seemed equally impressed filming the 306 going through...

With our second cheeky one way street manoeuvre of the trip we found our way into the car park and left to explore on foot. First up was food and McDonalds was decided as the easiest and cheapest way to eat, so we made our way to the tunnel entrance where we knew we'd find one.

After lunch everyone was keen to cool down in the baking 27 degrees sun so we hit the beach, Davo stood guard on the kit and we all went for a swim. I could have stayed in the water all day, in fact we did spend most of the day in and around the jetty before drying off, grabbing some multicoloured slush puppies and heading to Casino Square via the McLaren, Rolls Royce and Ferrari dealerships. At which point Jez checked his Euromillions. Not enough unfortunately...

After ogling the supercars at the casino, watching the valet parking and dreaming of being incredibly wealthy we were ready for more food and wandered down to the pit lane exit to a reasonably priced outdoor restaurant. The waiter warned us not to have the cheeseburgers but me and Davo ignored his advice. We probably should have listened... Never mind, we were fed and ready to complete our on foot lap and make our way to the car park.

Steff's dodgy ticket became an issue when the pay machine wouldn't read it and we thought we'd have to run the cab straight through the barrier. But in the end it worked and we were all paid up. We drove up another couple of storeys to see what cars were about and I parked in next to another S2000 that I'd seen on the CCTV on the ground floor for a photo.

The traffic back to the hotel was much lighter and the roads seemed a lot more fun, my only concern being a familiar sound from the Honda as we stopped at some traffic lights. So once back, I was hunting in the boot for my spare timing chain tensioner and then set about making a massive oily mess in the hotel room whilst I refurbed it ready to change them over...
Cars washed and ready to head to Monaco
Convoy on the Loews Hairpin

Perfect weather for a dip in the Med
Supercars galore in Casino Square

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