I'm running a little behind with these, so I'm going to try to keep it brief...

Day 4 saw us waking up in Annecy to clear blue skies and getting on the road right on schedule. Toll motorways were the first item of the day and other than the usual confusion at how to pay (stick a credit card in seems to be the easiest) they allowed us to get to miles done before we reached the main attraction of the day - Route Napoleon.

Lunch was served in the usual fashion in a layby at the top of the Col du Bayard, just north of Gap and after just half an hour we pressed on again. The scenery all day was purely stunning, mountains in every direction. 

As we got near to Digne, where I'm sure the route should have taken us, the TomTom wanted me to turn a right. A large white sign on this turning was written in French but I could understand the words 'dangeroux' and 'difficile' so it sounded like a good idea to me! What came next was the equivalent of a rally stage, all single track complete with some lovely uphill hairpins. Whilst the Polo and Clio crawled along and the 306 went off roading through the field, I gave the Honda a pasting and had five minutes at the top to remove my hoodie, it was now getting warm.

We rejoined the N85 and continued towards our second stop of the day in Castellane but first were given a gem of a road. Overtaken at first by a crazy local in a Yaris, we did our best to keep up as the S2000 and 306 did battle through the twisties, only stopping on the descent to cool both car's brakes (the 306's more so!) whilst everything we'd overtaken went past again.

In Castellane we had free parking so took an hour to wander round and get ice cream before getting on the road for the final stint down to the coast. Near to Antibes we hit the rush hour traffic and as I went in search of the Total garage I had planned to stop at, we lost two of the cars. After filling up it seemed that they had got onto the toll motorway, so we headed off to the hotel alone, only to sit doing the last five miles in an hour, reaching the final stop over an hour after the others. Never mind...

For the evening, we walked along the beach into Villeneuve Loubet harbour and found a decent bar to sit outside for the rest of the evening, with it eventually shutting up while we were still outside. 411 Euros later we were walking back, we thought at that price the glasses must come included, so most of them came back with us ;-)
The sign convinced me to take this road...
Time to cool the brakes above Castellane

Riding in the 306 as we neared the coast
Leaving our mark on Villeneuve Loubet beach

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