The final day was upon us. In some ways it was sad, in others it was a relief. Two weeks in close quarters was a little too much for some and the call of normality and the daily routine carried a break from what had been magnificent, yet tiring all the same.

A lie in yet again allowed us more time in bed and to let the morning traffic ease before attempting Brussels’ ring road for a second time and from there onwards it was my turn to drive the boring two hours along arrow straight but broken and potholed belgian motorway. We entered France ahead of schedule so took a detour around Dunkerque for a final McDonalds visit.

Carrying on, we made it to the port and through customs, at which point the 306 turned around to get petrol. We were then reunited with a car we’d seen back on way to Spa two weeks ago, a very distinctive 4x4 2CV. Turns out he’d only been to Germany, but his tales of 4000 mile trips around Spain and driving to the Arctic Circle put our ‘mere’ 3000 miles into perspective. And made the leather of the S2000 seem all that more comfortable. A brave man indeed!

On board, we at least had more than fog to watch out of the window, though some of us sat down to watch Rio instead, not that we would hear it. I sort of worked out what it was about anyway… The return journey is always that little longer, the boat having to do a three point turn at either end to be facing the right way and this time on debarking everyone got through customs.

And we now had to pray for good weather, as the 306 left us and we had nowhere for the tonneau cover to go other than on. With our last goodbyes at the BP in Dover it was straight home for us, though I chose to top up the tank at the Shell further up the road. Matt followed for a while, until we dived off down the M3 towards Taunton.

The weather was kind to us, only a little drizzle half an hour from home and after dropping off Jez I was able to put the car away for a well deserved break.

It now has a large shopping list to be fullfilled in the next two years and I’ve already started pushing pins in the map again, some places that I need to revisit, some new places I want to see. I’ll be going higher, but certainly not further or longer next time. And as I always say, you can make it happen. I’m going to start sticking £50 a month into a savings account ready and all being well in July/August 2015 I’ll be off once more...
Following Matt in the Birthdaymobile
Tucked in to bed after 3000 miles...
Nearly home!
Pinocchios remainders on the menu tonight

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