It was wet in Wiltshire today. Very wet. And bitterly cold. What started out as a top down day at 5am became a roof up, umbrella up and warm coat and hat day. The grass around Camp corner soon became a swamp and I wished I'd packed an extra pair of trainers rather than cleaning kit and a tonneau cover. 

This is the start of the car show season. A good excuse to catch up with some mates and get some short track time. Thankfully I'd passed on the track sessions for the S2000 as I don't think the weather was suited today. Instead, I ended up passengering on Ryan's maiden track experience in the GTi6. The Toyos held up well on the damp track and after passing a seriously twitchy Clio 172 he soon got into his stride and the car impressed. I could see that I certainly wouldn't have wanted to get my first RWD track action today!

With half a gazebo in the back of Stu's Golf and nowhere to shelter, after watching a half decent drift session (a first for Combe!) we headed south to Bristol to the warmth of the Harvester instead.

All in all a brief day out, but enjoyable despite the weather.

Photos here.
Tom P
28/4/2012 10:31:23 pm

It was a great day! Shame about the weather, but was great to see the s2k :) Tom

29/8/2012 02:54:18 pm

Found this blog from Weebly's index, nice!

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