It's that month of the year when you can never completely rely on the weather forecast as everything becomes a bit unpredictable. You can leave home in the sun and arrive in your destination in a monsoon. Just yesterday we had bright sunny spells, sepearated by clouds, drizzle, a heavy downpour and even some hail. Not to mention the wind. All four seasons in 24 hours. But it still doesn't put some of us off. Out to the car park and the lid goes down for the drive home. I managed 18 of the 20 miles in perfect dryness before the clouds broke. At a constant 40+ mph it's really not noticeable as airflow takes the water straight over your head. Only when I pulled onto the drive and the clocks read 0 as I waited for the roof to rise up did I get a drenching. That 8 seconds seems like a lifetime!
Chris enjoying some rainy roof down fun in the MX-5

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